Disability Pension

To Receive a Disability Pension, You Must:

  • Not have reached age 65
  • Have at least 10 Years of Vesting Service
  • Be “Totally Disabled” (see below definition)
  • Have at least 500 hours of Covered Employment between the calendar year in which you became Totally Disabled and the previous calendar year

Your benefit under the Disability Pension is calculated in the same way as your Regular Pension.

There is no reduction based on your age.

“Total Disability” is defined by whether you are eligible for and are receiving a Social Security Disability Income Award.
You may be required to submit proof of your continuing eligibility to receive a monthly Social Security Disability Income Award. If you are requested to provide this proof and you fail to do so, your eligibility to receive a Disability Pension will terminate.
You are ineligible to receive a Disability Pension while you receive disability benefits under the New York State Disability Benefits Law or under a plan of benefits relating to employment in the New York City Hotel Industry.
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