Have you received a bill for medical services you received outside of our Health Centers?

As soon you can, come to the Benefits Administrative Office at 305 W. 44th Street, New York, NY 10036 with a copy of the bill and any related documents you have to the services. Our representatives will work with you to help you understand why you have received a bill, forward bills to your hospital carrier when applicable, or try to negotiate payment plans when available.

How to Avoid Bills:

Know what your health plan covers and where you need to go for your health care

Consider these Tips:

  • Always carry your Empire BlueCross BlueShield card with you at all times. Many bills result out of health care received outside the health center, without showing your Empire BlueCross BlueShield Hospital Card.
  • Depending on your specific health plan and where you live, written referrals may be necessary for ALL medical services received outside of the Health Center. Know your plan.
  • Call or email the Employee Benefit Funds with any questions you have to make sure you understand your benefits.
  • Review your Health Plan Summary every year so procedures are fresh in you mind when health issues arise
  • Keep your Health Plan Summary in an easy to locate place, request a new one when necessary
  • Available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week: Use the free NurseLine provided  at 877-TALK-2-RN (825-5276), to talk to a nurse about symptoms you may be experiencing, and identify the appropriate next steps should you need medical attention. (Multiple languages are available on the NurseLine.)
  • If you see a doctor during evening hours, or on the weekend and need prescription medication - ask your doctor to write two (2) prescriptions for you:
    1. The 1st prescription should be written for an initial or partial supply to supply you for at least two (2) days. This small quantity prescription should be filled at a local pharmacy, but you are responsible for the cost of this prescription.
    2. The 2nd prescription should be written for an additional supply of medication to complete the course of treatment. This can be filled at one of our Pharmacies, under your prescription drug benefit, with lower co-pays for generic medication.
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