Retiree Health Plan – Election Deadlines

Election Deadlines

In order to continue Retiree health coverage, you must not have any lapse in medical coverage. This will typically mean that the deadline for enrolling in Retiree Continuation Coverage or in the Retiree Health Plan will be the same as for electing COBRA after you lose regular coverage due to your retirement. This deadline is sixty days from the last day of regular coverage or sixty days from the date you are provided with the COBRA election notice – whichever is later.

Additionally, once you and your spouse are eligible for Medicare, you each must separately enroll in the Retiree Health Plan to continue coverage. It is your and your spouse’s responsibility to enroll in the Retiree Health Plan. Both you and your spouse must bring your Medicare cards into our Funds office and complete the Medicare Part B Authorization Form.

If you are a spouse of a Retiree, you must elect the Retiree Health Plan by the earliest applicable scenario listed below:

Before your 65th birthday Your 65th birthday*
Before your 65th birthday 3 calendar months after the last day of Covered Employment
Or are awarded a Disability Pension 3 calendar months after you become eligible for Medicare, if this date occurs prior to retirement.

*When retirement occurs less than three calendar months prior to the Retiree’s 65th birthday, then this deadline is extended so the participant still has three calendar months from the member’s retirement to enroll in the Retiree Health Plan.


Retirees and/or Retirees’ spouses may choose to use all of their eligible COBRA continuation coverage timeframe (18, 29 or 36 months) and still enroll in the Retiree Health Plan. However, a participant still must not experience any lapse in medical coverage to be able to enroll in the Retiree Health Plan after COBRA coverage ends.

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