Pension Quick Guide

This Quick Guide presents a brief introduction to your Pension Plan. For more detailed terms and conditions, you’ll need to read either the Pension Summary Plan Description or the Full Rules and Regulations.

Earning Your Pension
Eligibility Generally, you’re eligible for this Pension Plan if you:
Work in the New York City Hotel Industry as a member of a Union affiliated with the
New York Hotel Trades Council
And work for an employer, and in a job category, that contributes to this Pension Fund.
Becoming an
Active Participant
Before you can earn Pension Credits and Years of Vesting Service, you must complete 1,000 hours
of Covered Employment within a 12-consecutive-month period.
(See related requirements for banquet waiters and checkroom or washroom attendants.)
Earning Pension Credits Your Pension amount will be based on the number of Pension Credits you’ve earned over your career.
These credits are awarded based on your hours in Covered Employment,
up to 1 Pension Credit per calendar year.
Becoming Vested You attain Vested status once you’ve earned five Pension Credits (if you leave Covered Employment on
or after January 1st, 1999).
Once you are Vested, you have a permanent right to your Pension upon reaching retirement age.
Breaks in Service If you leave Covered Employment for a calendar year or more before you’ve become Vested,
you may lose your previously earned Pension Credits, Years of Vesting Service, and Active
Participation status.
Applying for Your
You should file a Pension Application as soon as you decide on your intended retirement date.
Pensions are not paid automatically unless you notify the Fund Office of your intention to retire or
to collect your pension.
Health Coverage
After Retirement
Continuing any form of health coverage with the New York Hotel Trades Council & Hotel Association
of New York City, Inc. Health Benefits Fund requires immediate action on your part upon leaving
Covered Employment. We strongly recommend that you contact the Employee Benefit Funds
Office at (212) 586-6400 for more information.

Pension Benefit Types

For full benefit eligibility details, read the Pension Types sections.

Pension Types
For all Pension types, you must be Vested.
1.) Regular Pension Age 65 or Older Regular Pension determined by Pension Credits times the rate
in effect on last day of Covered Employment.
2.) Early Age 62 or Older Regular Pension reduced by 5/9th of 1% for each month that you are
Retirement Pension younger than 65.
3.) Disability Are Totally Disabled Calculated in the same way as your Regular Pension, based on the number
Pension Have not reached age 65 of Pension Credits you have earned at the time you become Totally Disabled.
Have at least 10 years There is no reduction based on your age.
of Vesting Service
Have at least 500 hours
of Covered Employment
between the calendar year
you became Totally Disabled
and the previous calendar year
4.) Age & Service Work until at least age 55 Pension amount is calculated on 25 Pension Credits even if you've
Have at least 25 earned more.
Pension Credits
Have 1,000 hours of
Covered Employment in
Calendar Year immediately
before the year of your Pension
Effective Date.
5.) Mandatory Pension Age 72 or Older The Plan requires that you begin receiving your pension benefit by the
(Required Minimum April 1st following the calendar year you reach 72 years of age.
6.) In-Service Age 70 1/2 You may receive your pension while still working under
Pension Actively Working in covered employment starting the month after you reach 70 1/2.
Hotel Industry.
7.) Reciprocal Only available if you Helps a member receive a Pension if his or her employment was split
Pension would not qualify for a between Related Plans.
Pension without combining
Pension Credits from work
covered by a Related Plan.
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