Employee Benefit Funds Leads the Charge in NYC Quit-Smoking Interventions

NYHTC Employee Benefit Funds was honored July 12th by the New York City Department of Health for their outstanding performance in the Primary Care Information Projects’ initiative toward Smoking Intervention.

Among all participating healthcare organizations, the Employee Benefit Funds cornered first place with the highest intervention rate of 91% of documented smokers and the highest improvement by more than doubling our interventions. The Department of Health’s target intervention rate was 80%. The Employee Benefit Funds pushed past that target, closing at 91% in a three-month timeframe. Despite the technical, logistical and workflow challenges, the Employee Benefit Funds has created an effective intervention and outreach model.

If you are member of the NY Hotel Industry Union looking to quit smoking, call (718) 361-5100 ext. 3585 for more information about quit smoking classes and private counseling, medication support and other assistance, all available in English and Spanish.

“You can quit, and we WILL be there to help!” – Employee Benefit Funds

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