End of Year Message 2020

Holiday Message

December 21, 2O2O

Dear Colleagues,

Today as I write to you, I am aware that it is the winter solstice – a day with the longest night and the fewest daylight hours of the entire year, a day marking a critical turn in the season. ln the coming weeks, our days will lengthen, and we can look toward a brighter future. Lives, and livelihoods have been battered by the pandemic, but thankfully, we are approaching the point where advances in medicine and health will begin to alleviate the struggle.

The events of the past year have reaffirmed how critically important it is to have an excellent, integrated healthcare system such as ours. Additionally, we have seen that a close-knit community such as ours is invaluable. Even as the pandemic decimated the core of our industry, we continued to uphold our commitment to excellence, and cared for our members with the exemplary service that they are accustomed to. Each day this year that you came to work, you put your own health at risk and I am thankful for all you have managed to do in the midst of these difficult circumstances.

It seems counterintuitive and harsh that we must close two health centers in the midst of a health crisis, but as you know, we have exhausted every viable option to do otherwise. lt is a cruel twist of fate that at a time when we would like to be expanding in order to better serve our members, our services must be curtailed. However, our path and our destiny are linked to the economics of the industry we serve. For those of you who are leaving, I assure you that I will do everything in my power to ensure that our organization treats you with the integrity, generosity, and fairness that you deserve. I know that in time, the industry will heal and we will build back. As we move forward with hope and courage, we will find new ways to strengthen and grow.

l write to extend my heartfelt greetings to you and your families as we say goodbye to an extraordinarily difficult year and welcome a new one. I appreciate your commitment and dedication, your incredible service and professionalism over the course of these extremely trying months.

Thanks to all of you, the Employee Benefit Funds remains an outstanding organization, and it will endure. I am proud of all that we have achieved together and look forward to rebuilding in 2021.
Thank you, above all, for your exemplary work.

My hope for all of you in the New Year is wellness peace and happiness for you and your families. May the care that you give each day to so many, come back to you a thousand-fold.

Dr. David Jacobson
Chief Executive Officer
New York Hotel Trades Council &
Hotel Association of New York City, lnc.
Employee Benefit Funds

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