Moving? Have a New Phone Number?

  •  Make it easy for our doctors to reach you with important personal health information
  •  Help our clerical staff reach you if they need to reschedule an appointment
  •  Keep your contact information accurate and current with the Health Benefits Fund. 



Use your secure patient portal account on www.happyhealthyme.org to tell us if you have moved, or changed your mobile or home telephone number.  Proof of your address may still be required, depending on how far away from the Health Centers you live.

If you don’t already have an account for www.happyhealthyme.org, complete the quick form online and then create an account.  The patient portal will allow you to view and send requests for new appointments, prescriptions refills, and view select lab results.


1. For Address Changes – Go to the Central Administrative Office (305 W. 44th Street), Benefits Department (4th floor) with an original utility bill stating your new address.   Address changes can affect which health benefits plan you have, which is why the Benefits Department handles these updates.

2. For Cell Phone or Home Phone Changes – Our staff at the Health/Dental Centers can make these changes for you at any time.  Please make sure these numbers are current.  Phone numbers are only used for the reasons stated above.

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