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We’re glad you made it to this page, that’s the first step!  Our Quit Smoking Program will provide you with helpful tips to stay tobacco-free, and FREE quit smoking medication from our pharmacies. Fill out the form here and we’ll see you at our next class!

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How Fast Can Your Body Recover From Smoking?

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Before classes begin, we suggest all those looking to quit, use the resources listed below to continue toward your goal:

    1. Schedule Private Counseling: Call and schedule private appointments with Members’ Health Assistance Program, (212) 237- 3037.
    2. Start or continue Nicotine Replacement Therapy: Visit any of our pharmacies and speak to a pharmacist. If your need a Prescription renewal, you may make an appointment with your Primary Care Physician or Dentist.
    3. Improve Your Eating & Exercise Habits: Meet with one of our nutritionists, to find out what dietary changes will help you while you quit smoking. Start a new exercise program your Primary Care Physician recommends.
    4. Seek Outside support:
  • The New York State Smokers’ Quitline 1-866-697-8487 is a free and confidential service that provides effective stop smoking services to New Yorkers who want to stop smoking. The Quitline offers telephone coaching in English and Spanish. Translations through Language Line Services are available for other languages.
  • Nicotine Anonymous – Located at New Horizon Church of NY at 2576 Broadway, New York NY 10025, located on 97th Street and Broadway
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