Understanding Healthcare While Traveling …

Going on vacation? Traveling outside New York?

Although you don’t plan on getting sick or into an accident, especially on vacation, you should be prepared, just in case. While you are covered here at home, don’t expect a medical doctor you see while out of town or, out of the country to accept your coverage or plan payment.

Many people believe that the Fund’s health insurance will cover them if they need medical treatment while on vacation. In most cases it won’t, at least not at 100%. If you have a medical emergency away from home, it is your responsibility to pay all fees first. When you return, submit an itemized bill to the Fund’s office. Your claim for benefits will be processed according to the rules of the Plan.

If the claims are payable, bills are reimbursed based on the Fund’s fee schedule that is accepted here in New York City. If you must go to the emergency room of a hospital, show your hospital insurance card at the hospital. If that hospital participates with your hospital care plan, that plan will submit your claim to your hospital insurance provider. Otherwise, you will have to pay the bill and submit it to the Fund’s Office for reimbursement, according to the Plan’s fee schedule. Please understand that the Fund’s Office has no control over the fees charged to our members out of the area or in foreign countries. The amount you receive in reimbursement may be far less than the amount you paid to the medical service provider/doctor.

Be sure to consider your needs and options before going away. Many companies offer travel insurance packages that include all of the insurance you will ever need. If you shop around, you can find a one-week package for under $50.00 per person that will include:

  • Emergency Medical and Dental coverage
  • Emergency Medical evacuation
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
  • Trip cancellation
  • Baggage loss/ damage
  • Visitor to bedside and return of dependent children
  • Pre-existing condition waiver

Forgetting your insurance when traveling out of the area can be a lot more expensive than forgetting your toothbrush or sunscreen, so please plan ahead.

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