2022 Scholarship Awards

Recently, the Scholarship Fund announced the winners of its Thirty-two scholarships, each receiving $12,000.00 grants in equal increments over the next four years.   Unfortunately, the annual awards ceremony/luncheon was unable to be held due to COVID-19 but this year marked the 35th annual NYHTC & HANYC, Inc. Scholarship Fund and the 19th annual Local 6 Division-A Scholarship Program awards anniversaries.

After completing the rigorous application process, the finalists were chosen by the full committee.  The winners were chosen based upon their academic ability, extracurricular activities, financial need and future promise.  The scholarship committee is headed by its chairperson, Lawrence Momo, who is the Director of College Counseling at Trinity School. The other committee members are: John W. Buckley, Vice President for Undergraduate Enrollment at Fordham University; Beverly Fox, Associate Dean of Studies at Sarah Lawrence College and Diane McCoy, Senior Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Columbia University.

The scholarship program is a competition that is open each year from January through March to eligible children of HTC members and Local 6 club employees. The students must be graduating high school seniors who plan to attend a four-year college or university in the fall. Students are invited to apply each January in the union’s magazine and on this website.  To date, all previous scholarship winners are either still attending college or have graduated college and, in many cases, have completed graduate school, too. It is a remarkable track record of success.

We congratulate our 2022 winners and their parents on this well-earned scholarship. We look forward to corresponding with them over the next four years as we follow their progress and process their annual allotments.

Andrew J. Windsor, CAO
Director Scholarship Fund

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