Retiree Health Plan – Termination

Termination Due to Medicare Part D, HMO or Medicare Advantage Enrollment

If you plan to keep our Health Center Retiree Health Plan, you and your spouse must not enroll in a Medicare Part D plan, a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) or a Medicare Advantage plan. If you do, you or your spouse will be terminated from Retiree Health Plan coverage. (Note that you may still purchase a supplemental or “Medigap” policy.)

If the Retiree’s eligibility is terminated, the spouse and/or dependents automatically lose eligibility as well and may not reenroll at any time in the future.

You may have been enrolled in a Part D plan prior to the last day of Covered Employment but must disenroll to be eligible the Retiree Health Plan. Any later enrollment in the above disqualifying plans automatically terminates all eligibility for Health Center medical and pharmacy services.

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